Zeal: The Pride Improv Festival!

Zeal Pic

It’s the first ever year of Zeal: The Pride Improv Festival – a diverse mix of improvised entertainment to celebrate Pride in London 2017.

Featuring improvised games, comedy, theatre, musicals, drag acts, stand-up and cabaret from both queer improvisers and those who support the community, the festival showcases a mix of established acts, fresh young talent and brand new teams, formed especially for this year’s event! There will also be opportunities for the audience to get up on stage and give it a go in friendly and supportive jam sessions, as well as chances to learn the basics of improv and improve existing skills through the Zeal workshops. 

Taking place over a week between 1-7 July, in collaboration with seven improv schools across London, the festival is an opportunity to see bold, exciting and unique shows that will never be seen again! These acts are made up on the spot and every show and every night will be completely different!

Email: info@zealimprov.com

Facebook: @ZealImprov

Twitter: @ZealImprov