James Lovelock (Showstopper, Music Box) and his herd of improvisers provide a whistle-stop tour through the greatest works of a long forgotten (and entirely made up) composer and lyricist duo. Using audience suggestions they will create a series of songs, scenes and sketches; expect whirlwind romance, gripping drama and outrageous silliness every time!

 Founded in Birmingham, Baron Sternlook has been improvising musicals for the past 5 years. With two runs at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and a plethora of shows in and around their home city the group have a wealth of experience and are excited to showcase their talents at Zeal: The Pride Improv Festival!


‘This quality of performance, which is rarely assured within improvised performance, is a breath of fresh air and entirely in debt to the bond and rehearsal of the entire cast’ (Redbrick)

‘One of the most ridiculous – and funniest – things I’ve seen’ (Fringe Audience Member)

“… this narrative was spun mostly through improvised songs. With lyrics that rhymed. And were funny. And the singing was good. Basically, it’s all f***ing sorcery.(

“Funny and heartwarming.  A talented bunch.” (