Lemonade Brigade


Lemonade Brigade are a hastily thrown together, brand new group of gay men united in a shared love of improv, the colour yellow, Beyonce wearing the colour yellow and, most importantly, our doodle-poll availability.

We are Andy (as seen in ABOBTwo Up!, rehab), Colin (as seen in ABOBMaking Colin Happy, Waitrose fretting about charity-token allocation), Ben (as seen in Music Box, your worst nightmares), Andrew (as seen examining that lump you found on your genitals last week, in Scotland) and Michael (as seen on the tube the other day having a good old-fashioned cry).

Available for one night only, it’s the international debut of Lemonade Brigade, serving long-form improv, monologues and executive realness.

“The Michelle from Destiny’s Child of the London Improv scene” – Time Out

“A 10-day lemonade cleanse diet proven to have adverse effects on your digestive system” WebMD