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Rainbow warriors play ‘Labels’

As an LGBTQ+ improv collective Rainbow Warriors stand for: label us all you want, just don’t stop with one label. But how great is it to play with labels, stereotypes and prejudices? So just hop on your unicorn and join these promiscuous, well dressed, musical theatre loving gay guys for a rollercoaster of a comedy show where personal stories and disarming questions lead into wild adventures with a bit of glitter, a lot of self-mockery and probably somewhere down the line some Eurovision…..

Rainbow Warriors debuted as a team about three years back and thanks to their stage connection (is it the gay gene after all? Sense8?) they instantly became Dutch National Theatersports Champions. Oh that’s right, they’re from the Netherlands! In London they will be represented by Bonne Ziengs, Marco Ruijsink and Mark Dekker.

I split my sides laughing!”
“Positivity, chemistry and just really funny…”
“Entertainment that contributes in a light way to acceptance and emancipation”