The Ministry of Unplanned Occurrences

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What would the past look like if the future had happened sooner? The Penultimate Destiny of New Londinium is a steam-powered story inspired by the worlds created by Neil Gaiman, Jules Verne and Terry Gilliam. Each night we will create an alternate future history full of adventure, mystery and comedy which unfolds before your very eyes.

“A thoroughly splendid night with a beyond-brilliant cast. If you missed this, you missed a real perfectly-formed, treat. We eagerly await more tales from New Londinium.” Camelin Caine, Steampunk Suffolk Community

“At several points, I had to stuff things in my mouth to prevent my guffawing drowning the dialogue. It was wonderful – funny AND touching (and completely made up on the spot).” Fay Roberts, Allographic Press

“A super-tight narrative piece. Sometimes funny and sometimes chilling. A thrilling show.” Jon Nguyen, Dogface Improv

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Find them on Twitter: UnplannedM

The Ministry’s Carla and James are also teaching More Than a Cliché  on July 7 2-5pm at the Cavendish Arms