Words That Burn: Poetry and Improv

IP workshop photo no edit.JPGWords That Burn: Poetry and Improv

Improvisers are great storytellers. Imagery and poetic techniques can be a brilliant way to draw our audiences into the story and scorch them with our sizzling play. In this workshop, we will use tools crafted by great poets to shape and inspire our work. Imagery, alliteration, rhyme and rhythm are all covered in a fun and accessible way. We will crack open the poetic rhythm made famous by Shakespeare: iambic pentameter AND simplify the approach to freestyle rap. Discover how verbal limitations can set your work free.

No experience of poetry is needed, but you are welcome to bring along your favourite poems/ lines of poetry, song lyrics or rap and we will use these as inspiration. Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life? —Mary Oliver (Attend this workshop, Mary!)


‘Terrific workshop…the iambic pentameter, the alliteration, the pace and rhyme and rhythm, the unerring positivity from Imogen, the good supportive vibe which grew in the group’

‘The warm and welcome atmosphere, coupled with the layered approach to learning made all the skills accessible and fun AT THE SAME TIME! It provides unique tools for an improvisers’ tool belt that you really want to use. Are inspired to use’

‘I love the level of enthusiasm and commitment. It’s like a stream sweeping everyone with it.’

Workshop Leader

Imogen Palmer has been training in and performing improvised theatre and comedy for over 7 years, including sell-out runs with the improvised murder mystery ‘Murder She Didn’t Write’ (Edinburgh Fringe 2013-14), Soothplayers- the improvised Shakespeare show (Melbourne Fringe 2015-16, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2016), Impro Melbourne (company member 2015-16) and Closer Each Day (company member 2017-18). She started teaching actors improvisation whilst training as a member of the full-time ensemble of the Howard Fine Acting Studio (Melbourne) and is now one of the lead instructors of The Bristol Improv Theatre (Bristol, UK). She is the artistic director of The Delight Collective, which has produced ‘The Bish Bosh Bash!’ (a high energy main stage comedy show), ‘Friends Like These’ (authentic scenes inspired by true stories of friendship) and her solo improvised clown show ‘​IMOGENÉ- the improvised visual album’. ​She regularly tops up her training with classes from improv and clowning masters including Patti Stiles (Loose Moose Theatre, Impro Melbourne), Jason Shotts (IO Chicago), Pgraph (Hideout Theatre), Jill Bernard (HUGE Theatre), Didi Hopkins (National Theatre) and Mark Beltzman (Second City).

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